The school year is winding down, which reminds us that the days are long but the years fly by.  Our partner, Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans, wants to help you plan for your child’s future – so that you’re ready when it’s time for them to head off to college or vocational training.


With rising costs on everything from fuel to food, we know the thought of how much college might cost in the future can seem daunting. But with a Florida 529 Prepaid Plan, starting at just $45 a month, you can lock in future college tuition costs now with a fixed monthly payment that never goes up.


Join more than one million families that have saved for college with a risk-free, worry-free, inflation-proof Prepaid Plan. You pick a plan, and Florida Prepaid manages the rest.  Regardless of what college costs in the future, they’ve got you covered. If costs are less, you get a refund. If costs are more, they cover the difference – guaranteed.


Prepaid Plans are flexible to fit your family’s needs:


  • Use in-state or out
  • Works great with scholarships
  • Cancel anytime for a full refund or transfer to another family member


Plus, when you enroll in a Prepaid Plan now through April 30, 2022, you’ll earn $125 for each year of college or university purchased - up to $500 total!  Open Enrollment only happens once a year and ends April 30.  Don’t miss your chance to start saving for college this year in a risk-free Prepaid Plan.


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