All tickets will be PRE-SOLD ONLY through gofan.co

No walk-up tickets sales or exchange of money at the gates will occur on game days.

We strongly recommend that any player, spectator, or staff member that is not feeling well refrain from attending games in person

Per CCSD Policy, Face Masks/Coverings must be worn upon arrival, when entering the stadium, & walking to seats. When social distancing is practiced, masks/face coverings can be removed. At any point where social distancing is not feasible, masks/face coverings must be worn. Masks/face coverings should be worn during all transitions from seats, as well as exiting the stadium.

Sanitizer stations will be provided at all entry points & concession stands.

Six-feet social distancing should be maintained between individuals. Congregating in groups along fence lines, gates, or anywhere in the stadium will not be allowed. Small children must sit with parents at all times.

Concession stand will be open! We ask that you please practice social distancing when in line and masks/face coverings should be worn while waiting in line.

Public address announcements will be made periodically before, during & after the contest as reminders for CCSD social distancing & safety guidelines.

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