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Music Classes Offered

Keyboard: Students from entry level to advanced learn valuable fundamentals of the piano, with a goal toward group learning and performing. Often a springboard into more advanced classes and ensembles, Mr. Franklin’s Keyboard class is an informative project-based course tailored to all learners.

Music Theory: Prefer the analytical side of music to the performing aspect? Music Theory courses explore the art of written music as you learn the language of music. Geared toward the AP Music Theory course, students will learn college level knowledge in aural skills, written analyzation skills, and composition/collaboration skills. Also, students will learn how today’s music has been influenced by 500 years of music history.

Electronic Music: Aimed at the advanced music student, Electronic Music is a project-based course focusing on music composition through music software such as Finale, MuseScore, Noteflight, Audacity and others. Delve into your creative side as you write your own music, collaborate with others on group projects, and produce live music with musicians of all kinds.

Band: The premiere musical performing ensemble at SHS, the Marching and Symphonic Bands are open to students through successful audition only. Both bands will travel several times throughout the school year, as well as perform in a variety of situations and environments. The Marching Band offers many leadership positions and situations that are valuable resume and college application boosters, and the Symphonic Band performs several concerts each year in a variety of venues.

Drumline/Percussion: Associated with the Marching Band, Drumline is a percussion performing ensemble that is open to students through successful audition only. In percussion class, students will play a variety of percussion instruments, exploring many styles and genres of music through history. They also rehearse several selections both in conjunction with the marching band and separately. In the spring, percussion students take part in percussion ensemble pieces which are performed in several locations, including Solo and Ensemble and around the community.